about me

Evdokia Moskvina

I was born and growing up in a district of workers in a small Russian town named Tula. My father is a factory worker, he produces black metal. In 2002, at the age of 18, I moved to the capital of Russia, and five years later I received higher philosophical education. I wrote a thesis «Position of women in Islamic society, socio-philosophical analysis.» Immediately after graduating from the Moscow Pedagogical State University, I moved to St. Petersburg and in 2010 I received the finished St. Petersburg State Film University and received my diploma of documentary filmmaker.
My graduated film «Early Autumn in the Mountains» was awarded the diploma for the debut of film director at the International Film Festival «Message to Man» in St. Petersburg in 2010. In 2011, I started filming my first short fiction film «Our dreams come true», this film became a participant of numbers of international film festivals, Cannes Film Festival 2013 Moscow International Film Festival 2013, was screened in Paris during the Week of modern Russian cinema in February 2014. The film has its international distributor – a British film company “Shorts international”, and now the film is Worldly broadcasted on www.shorts.tv. In 2012 I did a film «Roman vs. Kremlin» commissioned by the British television channel Al Jazeera, the film participated in One World film festival in London 2013. In 2014, under threat of physical violence, together with the Czech filmmaker Rosaria Kohoutova I did a 3- serial documentary about LGBT activists in Moscow for Czech TV.
Since November 2013 I lived in Paris and work as a special correspondent for the leading Russian TV channels Russia 24, First channel Russia, REN TV
In 2013-2015 I studied filmmaking in the University of Sorbonne Paris 3 and Paris 8, my degreed film «Nice to meet you, Mom» ​​was screened in September 2015 as one of the most successful works of the previous academic year in University Paris 8.
For ten years I have been successfully cooperating with Russian channels as an independent documentalist and film director. In 2012 I won the First price of Russian Journalist Union for my TV-documentary “Unlimited possibilities” about Russian disabled athletes. Now I am post-producing the series of documentary films about women, recruited militants of Islamic State for Russian TV channel REN TV.
As an author and a documentalist I am currently working on my French-Estonian co-production documentary project «New Silk Way» about Russian residents living on the border with China and working as «sherpas» for Chinese businessmen. The project was announced as a winner of the pitching “Dragonforum” in Poland 2012, he was participant of Media program «Ex Orient» in Czech Republic 2012 — 2013, and successfully pitched on Baltic Sea Forum Riga 2012.

During my studies in Russia I participated in different summer film schools and master-classes. I participated in Aristoteles film school launched by Arte France in Romania 2014
I am a member of Russian Union of Journalists, the member of Russian Documentary Guild