The New Silk Way

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JIHLAVA: Estonian producers Elina Litvinova from Allfilm ( and Marianna Kaat from Baltic Film Production ( are developing The New Silk Way, a feature/TV documentary directed by Evdokiya Moskvina set for shooting early spring-late summer 2013.

Moskvina is also co-author and director.

«The story takes place in a remote Russian city near the Chinese border where, for decades, groups of Russian women make weekly trips across the border to help Chinese carriers transport tax free goods. They also when there visit spa and beauty salons and treat themselves very well, with something they cannot afford in Russia,» Litvinova told FNE.

The New Silk Way participated at the Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries in September 2012, where its producers reached an agreement with the Estonian Film Fund ( The film is also currently participating at the Ex Oriente 2012 workshop organised by the Institute of Documentary Film (IDF, The producers will apply for a MEDIA development grant ( in November 2012.

The budget is 200,000 EUR. Negotiations with television and sales agent are underway. The film is set to be ready in spring 2014.

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